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McCrone to distribute JEOL NeoScope

McCrone Microscopes & Accessories is now a licensed distributor of the JEOL NeoScope, a benchtop scanning electron microscope (SEM). McCrone Microscopes & Accessories is the instrument sales division of The McCrone Group.

The JEOL NeoScope is a compact, automated SEM designed for analysis of biological and material samples. Unlike other SEMs, commonly used settings are automated with the NeoScope, making the instrument simple to use without sacrificing image resolution. The microscope can be used to supplement optical microscopic analysis for a wide variety of applications, including pharmaceutical, geological and forensics studies. he high resolution, large depth of field and automated settings (focus, brightness and contrast) make the unit easy-to-use and accessible to those in classroom settings or research laboratories, as well as novice or advanced SEM users. In addition, no special sample preparation is needed for conductive and non-conductive samples, further simplifying the process for the user.

On-site training, service contracts and a full line of SEM accessories for the NeoScope are available through McCrone Microscopes & Accessories.



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