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IR now available from LED microscope illuminator

DiCon LED has expanded the wavelengths available from its LED Microscope Illuminator to include 730 nm and 850 nm options. These IR wavelengths are useful for applications like non-invasive real-time imaging, IR fluorescence, as well as standard microscopy and machine vision.

The Microscope Illuminator is a replacement for halogen and tungsten light sources. LED illumination offers low energy expenditure, low power consumption, and instant wavelength switching. The user can manually adjust pre-programmed color settings and intensity levels or create customized strobe effects. Additionally, through DiCon's LightControl software, the user can program custom light sequences, or “Profiles” that control color, fade, modulation frequency, and duration. These “Profiles” are then accessible manually after being downloaded into the unit, or they can be externally triggered for syncing with cameras and other peripheral equipment.

DiCon LED distributes the LED Microscope Illuminator through Edmund Optics. More information here.



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