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New atomic force microscope

Veeco Instruments Inc. has released the Dimension Edge atomic force microscope (AFM) system for physical and life sciences investigation. The mid-priced system has a proprietary closed-loop and drift-compensated stage that allows the productivity, accuracy, and sample versatility of a large-sample, closed-loop system combined with the high-resolution images traditionally only achieved by small-sample, open-loop systems. The system’s lower noise levels allows collection of the fine details critical to material identification, while protecting fragile tips and samples, and diminishing tip artifacts. The microscope has a 5-megapixel digital camera and an180 to 1465 μm viewing area. It can be used for applications such as characterizing solar and semiconductor devices, mapping of heterogeneous polymer-based materials, and in situ imaging of life science samples from single molecules to whole cells.

More information here.



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