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Microscopy hits the big screen

I love to hear about anything that might get people excited about science, especially if it involves microscopy. I can’t wait to see PassmoreLab’s new 3-D movie called MicroWorlds. The live-action educational science film explores the life that goes on, unseen, all around. The film examines the life of earthworms, ladybugs, butterflies and garden snails, portraying their everyday actions and the vital role they play on our planet.

The film was shot in California with a custom 3D microscopy setup designed for the film. High-precision stages, macrolighting, and a year of intense shooting produced the never before seen imagery. The film mixes stereoscopic microscopy, time-lapse imaging, and some serious bug wrangling. Everything was shot at high def and with a broad dynamic range.

Seeing a ladybug 30 feet tall on screen gives the audience a different perspective and a great amount of detail on organisms that might seem ordinary. PassmoreLab also created a complete teacher's guide full of trivia, games and mind-benders germane to the film. The companion piece is available for middle-schoolers that want to dig a little deeper into the science of the film after seeing it.

MicroWorlds will be available in 3D Digital in March.



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