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Polarizer added to handheld microscope

I mentioned the Digital Mighty Scope in my earlier post, Five digital microscopes under $300. Now, the second generation of the handheld microscope is being released from Aven Inc. It features a contrast-enhancing polarizer for viewing and taking digital close-ups of polished metal, silicon chips, ceramic, glass, and other shiny objects. In addition to industrial quality control, polarized light microscopy also is ideal for examining minerals, polymers and biological materials.

The microscope is like a mini-camera that zooms, providing polarized light views of electronic components, manufacturing parts, circuit boards, crystals and other items. Users can detect hairline cracks or other microscopic defects, as well as identify specimens reliably.

The microscope has magnifications adjustable from 10 to 200X. A brightness wheel allows fingertip control of polarized illumination from six white LEDs. Active pixel sensors provide sharp images and accurate color reproduction from the 1.3-megapixel camera. A USB connection to any laptop or desktop computer lets users edit images, share them and add them to presentations or publications. Microsoft-compatible software is included, with an upgraded version available as an option to provide a broader range of image annotation, measurement and manipulation.

The company will demonstrate its advanced Digital Mighty Scope at Pittcon 2010 in Orlando, Fla., next month.

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