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Tunable bandpass filters

Semrock has released the VersaChrome tunable bandpass filter family. The filters offer wavelength tunability over a wide range of wavelengths by adjusting the angle of incidence with essentially no change in spectral performance. A tuning range of greater than 12% of the normal-incidence wavelength means only five filters are required to cover the full visible spectrum.

The filters offer the benefits of thin-film interference filters combined with the center wavelength tuning speed and flexibility of a diffraction grating. They have an average transmission of greater than 90% with steep edges and wideband blocking. The first release of catalog filters have wavelength ranges from 390 to 700 nm. The company has the 25.2 x 35.6 x 2.0 mm size in stock, and custom sizing may be done in less than a week. The technology is ideal for fluorescence microscopy, imaging, and quantitation applications, as well as spectral imaging, and high-throughput spectroscopy.

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