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Space-saving measuring microscope

Nikon Instruments, Inc. introduces the new MM-200 Measuring Microscope. Designed with machining engineers and inspectors in mind, it is good for measuring metal, plastic, and electronic parts. The microscope features a 420 x 297 mm footprint-- 50 percent smaller than existing Nikon MM models, and it weighs just 40 kg. It has a built-in 2" x 2" O3L type digital stage with a rotating table and digital backpack, and it can be used with the low-cost SC2 Digital Readout. The SC2 attaches directly to the arm to minimize the footprint. The focusing motion control mechanics have been redesigned to optimize the frequently used objective lenses from 1x to 10x, and the gear ratio has been matched to make focusing faster. The microscope’s built-in episcopic and diascopic light sources are all long-life, high-intensity, white light LEDs. Optional LED Ring Lights are available too.

More information here.



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