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Digital fluorescence microscope

No computer and no external camera needed to get digital images from this microscope. Advanced Microscopy Group (a division of Westover Scientific, Inc.) has added fluorescence capability to its EVOS line with the launch of the EVOS fl microscope. The integrated digital imaging system includes an inverted microscope, high-resolution digital camera, and an LCD display.

The microscope uses an LED-based light cube system, with each cube integrating the illumination source, the light engine, and the fluorescence filters into a single unit that doesn’t require alignment or calibration by the user. The LED light cubes produce a shorter optical path, which allows bright illumination intensities. Each LED will last for more than 50,000 hours, and LEDs can be instantly adjusted and precisely controlled by the user, which reduces photobleaching and phototoxicity.

The microscope has an embedded microprocessor that gives the user control of image acquisition and management without an external computer.

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