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Microscopy Events May to July

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May 28
Optical Techniques Workshop
Westmont, IL
The Midwest Microscopy and Microanalysis Society will hold its third annual Optical Techniques Workshop on Thursday, May 28, 2009. This year's program on the basics of polarized light microscopy will include lectures, applications demonstrations and hands-on training. Space for the hands-on portion of the program will be limited, so please RSVP early if you plan to attend (no later than Wed. May 20). 

June 15-19
Basic Confocal Workshop
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
There are still some slots available in this year's Basic Confocal Workshop hosted by the University of South Carolina. The workshop will include a series of lectures on the theory and applications of confocal microscopy, specimen preparation, processing confocal images in Photoshop, and 3D reconstructions using AMIRA. Students will be able to process triple labeled samples (cell cultures and sections) on site or bring their own samples to the workshop.

AFM in Biology Class
Asylum Research, Santa Barbara, CA
June 3-5
This comprehensive class is open to all AFM scientists that wish to
expand their AFM knowledge as it pertains to life science applications.
The class includes both lecture and extensive hands-on experiments with
topics on:
• Basic AFM operation (as demonstrated on the MFP-3D AFM)
• Biological sample preparation and interpretation of AFM data
• Choice of cantilevers
• Imaging samples in air and fluids: from molecules to cells
• Force measurements: intra molecular forces and hardness measurements
• Simultaneous AFM and optical microscopy techniques including
fluorescence and phase contrast
• Recognizing artifacts

Euro AFM Forum
Technical University of Munich
Garching, Germany, July 1-3
Asylum Research in conjunction with IMETUM, Nano Initiative Munich, and Atomic Force F&E will hold the 2nd Euro AFM Forum. The Euro AFM Forum is a conference for AFM researchers to share their research for both materials and life science applications. It will combine invited and contributed talks from leading European researchers as well as instructional workshops on AFM equipment. Researchers can submit abstracts for talks and posters as well as images (submission deadline is June 1).

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