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LED Modules for stereomicroscope illumination

The right illumination can make the inspection and study of various materials easier and more precise. LED illumination is growing in use because LEDs offer benefits such as a long lifetime and lower energy use.

A new set of LED illumination modules are being shown by Leica Microsystems at the Systems Integration in Microelectronics (SMT) fair in Nurenberg, Germany this week. The modules are designed to illuminate difficult material samples viewed with a stereomicroscope, have reproducible illumination settings, and maintain constant color temperature during dimming.

The modules include:
LED3000 NVI: The nearly vertical illumination (NVI) light path of this illumination module can illuminate samples with indentations and drill holes, which are challenging to view with standard illumination.

LED5000 CXI: This module’s coaxial illumination (CXI) is useful for enhancing contrast of flat, highly reflecting surfaces such as wafers or polished metal samples.

LED5000 RL: The ring light (RL) can be used for a variety of applications. The module’s switchable segments allow extra information to be obtained without moving the sample.

LED5000 MCI: The multi-contrast illumination (MCI) module creates particularly high contrast on the sample. The flat angle of its oblique incident light lets can reveal the fine irregularities and defects such as scratches and dust particles.

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