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Hand-held microscope now has infrared illumination

The latest Mighty Scope model from Aven, Inc features six near infrared LEDs, making it useful for laboratories, law enforcement, forensics, art restoration and other disciplines.

The longer wavelengths of the near infrared (NIR) spectrum let users of the hand-held microscope see and capture color differences or fine points that aren't visible in white light. This has practical applications for biomedical tissue analysis, chemical component differentiation, forgery detection, document examination and appraisals.

"There's no risk of damaging heat from the NIR Mighty Scope because it focuses cool light, unlike the thermal infrared wavelengths," says Mike Shahpurwala, president of the Michigan-based distributor of optical instruments. "It also reduces glare, an advantage for looking at reflective surfaces."

The new Mighty Scope has the same precision controls and other features as earlier models with white or ultraviolet light:

• Brightness control wheel allows fingertip illumination adjustment.
• Microsoft-compatible software (included) supports capture of still images, interval shots or video.
• Active pixel sensor technology provides sharp images from a 1.3-megapixel camera with a color CMOS sensor.
• Auto exposure, automatic white balance and auto gain control assure optimum image clarity.
• A USB port lets magnified images be viewed instantly on a VGA monitor or a higher-resolution SXGA monitor.
• Ergonomic design allows comfortable use with either hand.
• Microtouch shutter button eliminates the need to tap a computer key.

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