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Three new upright microscopes for clinical/research laboratories

Olympus has unveiled its BX3 line of upright clinical and research microscopes with new ergonomic and imaging features that provide comfort, ease of use and accuracy. The line succeeds the Olympus BX2 microscopes and includes the BX43 System Microscope for clinical laboratory applications, the BX46 Clinical Microscope with ergonomic design and fast observation, and the BX53 System Microscope for research/clinical applications. All three systems employ the company’s proprietary UIS2 optics, which deliver ultra-sharp, bright images and are manufactured from lead-free glass.

The microscopes allow users to record and share microscope magnification and setting information automatically for comparing, measuring and scaling images. An exposure button lets researchers capture digital images without taking their hands off the microscope.

The BX43 and BX46 are designed for efficiency and comfort in clinical applications. They feature a bright LED lamp with halogen-like color fidelity that uses less energy and lasts approximately 20,000 hours. A Light Intensity Manager eliminates the need to make manual adjustments when changing magnifications. Users can select either left- or right-handed microscope operation. New to both instruments is an optional tilting, telescoping and lifting observation tube, which allows users to adjust the height, front-to-back position and tilt angle of the eyepieces independently. The BX46 features a stage height just three inches above the tabletop, which reduces fatigue, and a fixed stage that provides stability and accuracy in specimen positioning.

The BX53 research/clinical system offers new fluorescence optics and filters, including improved hard-coating technology and a unique fly’s eye array that delivers higher-quality images by providing more even illumination. It offers a unique motion sensor that detects when the user steps away from the instrument, automatically turning off the lamp after approximately 30 minutes, thus saving energy and providing longer lamp life. Both the BX43 and BX53 offer an optional new condenser that accommodates magnifications from 2x to 100x without requiring a swing-top lens.

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