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Microscope Automation System

Prior Scientific has introduced the ProScan III Microscope Automation System. The modular system can control up to 16 axes including a motorized stage, focus drive, three filter wheels and three shutters with speed, accuracy and precision. It features a small footprint and a faster stage speed thanks to an improved processor.

Communication to the controller uses a true USB with a direct HID connection available, making the unit both Windows and Mac compatible. The Interactive Control Center (ICC) provides centralized manual control of all equipment. The screen provides positional feedback while the joystick, buttons and digipots control accessories such as a stage, focus drive, filter wheels, and shutters. New features in the center allow the user to measure distances, label filter wheel positions with dye names (e.g., DAPI, FITC, etc.) and take fine control of the stage for intricate movements.

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