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Use one laser for two multiphoton microscopes

At the Society for Neuroscience conference last week, Olympus introduced new accessories for two-photon confocal microscopy. The new Laser Sharing System, Dual-Port SIM Scanner, and Multi-Point SIM scanner software enhance the capabilities of the company’s FluoView FV1000-MPE multiphoton system.

The Laser Sharing System lets researchers use a single Spectra-Physics Mai Tai DeepSee laser system to perform imaging experiments on two separate Olympus multiphoton systems. It optically redirects laser light to the second multiphoton system, providing flexibility and saving money for those who want to install multiple two-photon instruments. The microscopes can be used simultaneously with the laser if using the same wavelength of light.

The Dual-Port SIM (Simultaneous) Scanner is for experimental protocols requiring photobleaching with both visible and infrared (IR) light. With the scanner, the user can use both wavelengths without changing any optics or fibers, eliminating laser alignment issues, saving time, and cutting down on hassles that can interfere with imaging.

The SIM scanner software is useful for neuronal spine research in that it lets the user rapidly stimulate multi-point areas. The software has a dedicated neuroscience application and enables control of the scanner, laser, and dataset for stimulation applications used in uncaging or channel rhodopsin experiments. The software visualizes the signal not only from the confocal photomultiplier tube (PMT) but also from electrophysiology patch-clamp equipment through a new interface unit.

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