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Power measurement for fluorescence microscopy

The X-Cite XR2100 Power Meter and the XP750 Objective Plane Power Sensor for fluorescence microscopy are new from EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc.’s Life Sciences and Industrial Division. The products allow microscopists to measure the optical power at the specimen to ensure consistent and repeatable illumination throughout their experiments.

The X-Cite XR2100 power meter (pictured) has a control keypad interface and can store power measurements or export them to a computer, allowing power data files to be kept with imaging data. The Objective Plane Power Sensor fits on the microscope stage and can measure output from an X-Cite illuminator or any other epifluorescence light source, including HBO/mercury, metal halide or xenon lamps, lasers and LEDs. It has is sensitive to powers from 5 µW to 500 mW at 320 nm to 750 nm.

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