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Zeiss and Singapore’s A*STAR form partnership

The Biopolis Shared Facilities of the Biomedical Sciences Institutes, Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR) in Singapore has formalized a partnership and collaboration with Carl Zeiss MicroImaging with the goal of further boosting life science research and education to the future generations in the science community. 

The Biopolis Shared Facilities’ Advanced Microscopic Imaging Laboratory currently has advanced microscopy systems such as the Zeiss 5LiveDuo confocal microscope, and through the partnership Zeiss will bring additional advanced microscopy systems to the laboratory on a rotational basis. In the coming year, the company will equip the facility with two million-dollar light microscopy systems: the SR-SIM (super-resolution structured illumination microscopy) and PAL-M (photo-activated localization microscopy). The microscopes will be used by the Biopolis scientific community. 

More information here.


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