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New microscope for life sciences and materials is ideal for multiple users

Carl Zeiss has launched the Axio Imager 2, a microscope for biomedical research and materials applications. The microscope comes in custom configurations with ten stand versions. All of the stands feature a light manager separately stores and reproduces the illumination intensity for each magnification. The ability to store system parameters for up to ten users makes the microscope system ideal for multiple users.

For live cell imaging, the new optical design of the transmitted light beam path and of the condensers allows homogeneous illumination at low magnifications and increases the working distance. The microscope’s ability to automatically switch between reflected and transmitted light and to generate mixed light are useful for growing research field of bionics. In addition, sample-induced artifacts are prevented becuase the motorized modulator turret for transmitted light DIC makes it possible to set differential interference contrast reproducibly and, in combination with fluorescence image acquisition, to remove the DIC prism automatically from the light path. 

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