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GFP images of bioengineered tooth

Researchers at Tokyo University of Science, Organ Technologies Inc, Tohoku University, and Tokyo Medical and Dental University, all in Japan, have successfully transplanted bioengineered tooth germ into a mouse, achieving a fully functioning tooth replacement. The work is reported in an open access PNAS  paper. The bioengineered tooth had the correct structure and hardness and also responded to mechanical stress and pain. The researchers think that this is a substantial advance in bioengineering, and that the technology might be useful for use with replacement of other organs.

Open access paper:
Fully functional bioengineered tooth replacement as an organ replacement therapy.Etsuko Ikedaa et al. PNAS, doi: 10.1073/pnas.0902944106.

The image above shows a merged bright field and dark field image of the teeth. 

These images show the nerve fibers in the pulp (top) and the periodontal ligament (bottom) of the bioengineered tooth. 

Images copyright Tokyo University of Science. Courtesy of Takashi Tsuji. 



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