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Day 1 at Microscopy and Microanalysis 2009

I arrived in Richmond, VA around noon today and checked in with the Microscopy and Analysis staff. I'm providing blog coverage of the conference for the M&A journal's web site. The staff was very nice and made sure I had everything I needed while giving me the space to do my own thing. I got the opportunity to use a Flip camera for a little video blogging, but decided to listen to talks instead today. 

The show seemed a little quiet, but I think it is just because it is a smaller niche show being in held in a rather large conference center. It has been a few years since I had been to this show and I had forgotten how centered on electron microscopy the exhibit floor is. This always struck me as strange since the research presented here is more evenly divided among microscopy techniques. 

I had planned to do some live twittering from the show, but was disappointed that the free wireless promised by the conference center web site was only in certain spots (actually, I only found one spot). This meant to even e-mail in my blog posts, I had to walk across the street. It wasn't that far, but it caused me to miss at least one talk and made it impossible to Tweet throughout the day. 

I think I'll have a better pace set for tomorrow. For today, I covered two presentations. Click on the descriptions below to read the full blog post.



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