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White LED Ring Light

The White LED Ring Light from Aven, Inc. combines seven brightness choices with four lighting modes for customized adaptation to any specimen or objective. Sixty long-lasting LEDs provide soft, no-shadow illumination for life science labs, industrial inspection and materials analysis. The flicker-free white lights retain color integrity over time and operate at low temperature to minimize user discomfort, even for long spans.

"Full" mode operation uses all of the evenly distributed LEDs (35,000 lux), or users can illuminate one, two or three quadrants. Seven brightness settings add further precision. Applications include biotechnology research, health care lab work, forensics, gemology and failure or defect analysis of small parts. Installing the ring light below a microscope lens allows a working distance of 50 to 160 mm. The plug-in accessory has a 40 mm inner diameter and 70 mm outer diameter.

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