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College of Microscopy Now the Hooke College of Applied Sciences

The McCrone Group, Inc. has renamed its education and training division, formerly the “College of Microscopy,” as the “Hooke College of Applied Sciences.”

The college will expand its courses and programs beyond the realm of microscopy and offer a wide range of hands-on, science-based, educational programs to adult professionals, college students, and advanced placement high school students. The new programs will include courses relevant to current and future technical occupations in chemistry, biology and microscopy with an emphasis on materials analysis, course tracks leading to professional certificates, as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees in collaboration with Chicagoland area colleges and universities.

The new college name honors Robert Hooke, a science pioneer who helped to shape scientific thinking in the 17th century with his contributions to microscopy, chemistry, biology, physics, engineering and astronomy. Hooke’s 1665 book entitled Micrographia was one of his most significant works published as it established microscopy as the foundation for advancing biological science.

Students who attend Hooke College of Applied Sciences courses are eligible to receive International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) continuing education units (CEUs), giving them the opportunity to obtain professional certificates and the ability to transfer class credits to other accredited schools and/or institutions. An advantage of being an IACET-certified institution is that it provides students with full disclosure of course specifics such as instructor education and experience, course syllabus, course expectations, instructional methods and student learning resources prior to registration.

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