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More Microscopy events - April to July

April 30
M3S Hosts M3B: Microscopy and Microanalysis for Materials and Biology
Midwest Microscopy and Microanalysis Society
Madison, Wisconsin
The meeting will be held at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and an excellent program has been arranged, including a morning plenary session followed by parallel afternoon sessions for physical and biological sciences. Details and registration information can be found under "Meetings"at

May 6
Microscopy Society of Northeastern Ohio (MSNO) spring dinner meeting

Independence, Ohio USA
Speakers will include Mike Mallamaci, Director of PolyInsight, LLC and MSA Presidential Scholar, Karen McGuire.

May 18-21
Advanced Light Microscopy Techniques and Their Applications-
10th International ELMI Meeting
Heidelberg, Germany
This workshop will bring together leading scientists and engineers from academia and industry working on the development and application of advanced light microscopy techniques with researchers working in life sciences with a strong interest in applying cutting edge light microscopy to their scientific topics. Specific themes that will be addressed include image analysis, high throughput microscopy, ultra high resolution microscopy (e.g. STED, STORM, PALM), correlative light and electron microscopy, design of fluorescent probes for functional imaging. Two session of the workshop will be on high-end biological applications of light microscopy.

June 23-24
Cellular Imaging and Analysis 2010-
Strategies Methodologies and Technologies in Cancer Biology

Institute of Molecular Medicine
Trinity College, Dublin
Through this event the Publishers of European Pharmaceutical Review will offer state of the art lectures from scientific researchers involved in the study of cancer biology using the latest techniques in cellular imaging and analysis.
Hands-on course in Practical Stereology
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT USA
This 3 day practical course is designed for advanced students, Post-Doctoral fellows, technicians, and Principal Investigators seeking to understand the principles of stereology as applied to microscopy and other imaging modalities. The course will be limited to 20 participants. Faculty include Jens Nyengaard and Johnnie Andersen from the Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark; Matthias Ochs from Hannover Medical School, Germany; and Douglas J. Taatjes from the University of Vermont, USA.



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