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White light confocal microscope

Andor Technology introduced the Revolution DSD confocal system at the Biophysical Society 54th Annual Meeting. It is based on a differential spinning disk optical system that works with the company’s Clara interline CCD camera and is controlled by an IQ work station.

The microscopy system connects to any microscope’s side port and uses white light instead of lasers, which lowers the cost. Active background subtraction delivers high contrast, low background images. The spinning disk can be used at 50% transmission for high-sectioning mode or 25% transmission for high-contrast mode.

Excitation ranges from 340 to 800 nm, and filters allow the excitation of UV, visible, and NIR optical probes. The user can easily switch wavelengths or between wide field and confocal imaging. Operating with objective magnifications from 10 to 100X makes the system suitable for live cell, tissue and whole embryo applications.

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