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Data management software for cellular imaging

PerkinElmer Inc. launched the Columbus 2.0 platform at the High Content Analysis East conference in Boston this week. The high content screening (HCS) data management software is designed for cellular imaging and analysis and provides a central repository to import, export, and manage cell image data. The latest edition has faster interfacing between images and data management and is fully web-enabled, meaning it can be used without installing software. One installation can serve an entire laboratory, department or even organization.

It is fully compliant with the Open Microscopy Environment (OME) and uses the OMERO server, developed by the OME, which enables it to support a wide range of file formats, allowing flexible, rapid and high performance analysis of images regardless of their origin. The software comes in two versions: Columbus Gallery, which provides data archiving, management, and visualization; and Columbus Conductor, which comes with the Gallery functions but also allows analyzing or reanalyzing of HCS data from PerkinElmer's Opera or Operetta imaging readers image data from other instruments using Acapella image analysis software.

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