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Remote viewing of scanned microscopy images

Microscopy slide scanners are useful for automating image acquisition and for archiving slides to examine more closely at a later time. Now there’s a new option for slide scanning, the Olympus VS110 virtual slide scanning system. The system, which is now available in the US, can scan from one to 100 slides. Remote users can view and navigate high-resolution images of entire slides or areas of slides on a network or web browser, and they can add linked annotations, markers, dictation, and files.

The system comes standard with Olympus Plan Apo 2x, 10x, 20x and 40x objectives, and optional 60x and 100x Plan Apo oil objectives are available. Multiple Z focal planes can be captured and displayed using the Virtual-Z™ feature. The system uses a Peltier-cooled 1376 x 1032 pixel camera with low background noise, fast frame rates, high sensitivity, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, and a broad dynamic range. In addition to single-specimen brightfield microscopy imaging, the system can handle tissue microarrays (TMAs).

Three models are available:
• VS110-1: Each slide is loaded manually and a virtual file is created automatically based on the user’s preferences
• VS110-5: Automated scanning of up to five slides.
• VS110-L: Has a 100-slide robotic loader for automated scanning and slides can be selected sequentially, at random, or via the software.

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