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An automatic supply of water for water-immersion microscopy

Water immersion objectives are important for abberation-free focusing into live cell samples. However, the fact that water evaporates creates a challenge for long-term experiments. The new Water Immersion Micro Dispenser from Leica Microsystems can help over come this challenge. It can be retrofitted to water immersion objectives, and it automatically pumps water from a small water reservoir magnetically attached to the center of the objective nosepiece. 

The correction ring stays accessible and the full free working distance of the water objective is maintained. The design of the water cap keeps the water droplet in place even when the stage is moved. The water is dispensed at the right temperature and thus does not require heating. A protective collar around the objective prevents any water from getting into the microscope. The Water Immersion Micro Dispenser is designed for the Leica DMI6000 B inverted microscope, which is a component of confocal as well as high-end widefield systems.



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