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Invitrogen releases new tools for imaging biofilms and cells

Imaging biofilms
Biofilms can be difficult to image, but the FilmTracer fluorescent stains from Invitogren may help. These stains are optimized and validated specifically for imaging biofilms, and the product line includes various stains for imaging different components of a biofilm. They can be used with biofilm samples grown in the lab or collected from the environment (rocks, pipes, or catheters). Combine them with confocal laser scanning microscopy for the best 3-D images.

Alexa Fluor 488 conjugated primary antibodies
Want to study tight junctions and the cytoskeleton but tired of the cost and extra time involved in secondary antibody detection? Invitrogen has eliminated that extra step with Alexa Fluor 488 conjugates of antibodies against occludin, claudin-1, claudin-4, claudin-5, and α–tubulin. 

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