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Focus on Microscopy conference brings new cameras

The Focus on Microscopy conference began yesterday in Krakow, Poland, and with it came some new product launches. QImaging and Andor Technology both introduced interline CCD cameras based on Sony’s ICX285 sensor today.

The Andor product is called the “Clara” interline CCD camera. The camera is useful for following dynamic events with quantitative stability. The company says the camera’s release is in response to customer desire for it to provide a high performance interline CCD camera. Key specifications:
• 1.3 Megapixel sensor
• Cooled to -45°C
• read noise floor of 3e- rms.
• 16-bit & 14-bit digitization
• 10 or 20 MHz readout modes
USB 2.0 interface

The EXi Blue from QImaging also uses Sony’s ICX285 sensor. This camera is optimized for applications such as live-cell fluorescence and high-speed kinetic studies. Key specifications:
• 1392 X 1040 light-sensitive pixels
• Cooled to 0 °C.
• 10, 20, 30 MHz readout frequency.
• 8-bit &14-bit digitization
IEEE 1394b (Firewire) interface
• Read-out of up to 15 full-resolution fps
• variable exposure times from 10 ms to 17.9 min.

QImaging also released a version of its Retiga-SRV CCD Camera that is cooled to -45° C. This camera is optimized for low-light, high-speed, high-sensitivity applications. A three-stage Peltier device and an all-metal, hermetic-vacuum-sealed CCD chamber provides the deep cooling, which can be controlled in single-degree increments via software. The camrea features a 1.4-megapixel CCD, 12-bit digital output, an IEEE 1394b (Firewire) interface, and a display that provides camera settings.

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