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Fluorescence slide scanning

In today's digital world, microscope slide scanners are a good way to digitize slides so that they're available for later study. Take this one step further by adding fluorescence imaging with the ScanScope FL digital slide scanner introduced by Aperio Technologies at the 100th annual meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR). The fluorescence capability makes the 5-slide system useful for quantitative analysis of tissues and tissue microarrays with multiple biomarkers, and archiving the scanner's high-resolution multi-color whole-slide images means you don't have to worry about the fluorescence fading over time. 

The scanner features a 10-bit monochrome camera, autoexposure, and autofocus. Digital slide images can be acquired from up to four color channels in the default configuration and from more channels by adding additional filter cubes. View the images as individual color channels or as dynamic layers. More info here.



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