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Grant winners announced and 'SPM in Energy' grant solicitation underway

Congratulations to the winners of "HarmoniX Innovation," phase I of Veeco Labs Research Grant Program. The best proposals for research in nano- and biomaterial development using the HarmoniX were chosen to receive the full-spectrum HarmoniX microscopy package.

HarmoniX is an atomic force microscopy mode that offsets the probe tip from the cantilever. This enhances the signal-to-noise ratio of the cantilever harmonics in TappingMode by coupling the normal forces of the tip with the torsional cantilever motion.

And the winners are . . . 
  • Liz Adams and Kirk Czymmek (University of Delaware, USA) – “Characterization of the Fungal Cell Wall Structure Using HarmoniX AFM
  • Zbigniew Celinski and Anatoliy Glushchenko (University of Colorado, USA) – “Mapping the Aligning Forces Acting on Liquid Crystals on an Inorganic Substrate”
  • Sidney Cohen and David Cahen (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) – “Molecular-Level Mechanics of Self-Assembled Monolayer Films Containing the Azo-Benzene Group and Their Applications in Molecular Motors”
  • S. De Beer, Dirk van den Ende, Frieder Mugele, Bram Borkent and Detlef Lohse (University of Twente, Netherlands) – “HarmoniX for Nanofluidics
  • Philippe LeClere (University of Mons-Hainaut, Belgium) – “Biomimetic Surfaces: Adhesives for the Future”
  • George Schitter (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) – “Optimizing the Speed of TappingMode AFM by HarmoniX-Based Feedback”
  • Igor Sokolov (Clarkson University, USA) – “Study of Local Rigidity Distributions on Human Cells: ‘Sick’ versus Normal Cells”
  • Andreea Trache (Texas A&M University, USA) – “Measurements of Cytoskeletal Stiffness Dynamics in Live Cells Using HarmoniX Mapping Module”
  • G. Julius Vancso and Holger Schönherr (University of Twente, Netherlands) – “Chemically Sensitive Probing with HarmoniX

If you missed out on Phase I, take a look at Phase II - "SPM in Energy." Proposals are currently sought for concept development and validation using scanning probe microscopy (SPM) to speed the characterization of, facilitate the development of, improve the yield/efficiency of, or enhance fundamental understanding of, energy generation, storage, or conservation. These grant winners will receive an equipment stipend for nano-electronic application modules for their Veeco Dimension, MultiMode, or Innova SPMs. More information at



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